Studies Show That Husbands Stress Women Twice As Much As Children

The results of a Today survey, which interviewed over 7,000 moms from the United States, showed that the stress levels of most of them were at an 8.5 out of 10. What’s more, more than half of these mothers were stressed more by their husbands than their children.

The lack of time to perform all the daily tasks made these women feel constant stress. About 75 percent of them admitted doing most of the parenting and the household duties in the family.

Furthermore, one in every five mothers claimed that the main cause of the constant stress was the lack of help from the husband.

Researchers at the University of Padova claim that this has an impact later in life, so when the wife passes away, the health of the husband worsens, but in the opposite case, the wife becomes healthier and copes better with depression and stress.

Yet, it is a fact that something needs to be done in order to boost the relationship between the parents.

Time pressure is a universal stressor, and it especially affects parents. Swedish researchers have found that mothers are more burdened by time pressure than fathers, and the women most affected are either highly educated, financially stressed, or deprived of social support.

It would be highly beneficial if the partners congregate their duties and split the tasks in order to get more time and reduce stress.

For instance, the mother can discipline the children, and do the homework duties, while the father can pick up and drop off the child.

Moreover, here are several ways in which husbands can help their loved ones lower their stress:

--    Prepare a meal or just make a healthy snack for your wife

--    When possible, do some housework

--    Give your wife some time for herself only, and take out the kids

--    Take care of the children at home, and suggest her to go out and spend some time with her girlfriends

--    Take out the entire family and nicely plan the time you spend there

--    Organize the time better and leave her some time to take a nap and get the much-needed rest

--    Take her to a romantic date from time to time and remember to regularly express your love and respect

--    Being there for her and the children and showing your support will significantly lower stress and improve the atmosphere in the home

Parents, build a home you can be proud of, and your family will be proud of you!