Here’s What Oncologists Won’t Tell You About Essential Oils

People from various cultures have used essential oils for millennia, due to their health and medicinal purposes.

These oils offer powerful calming, antibacterial, detoxifying, antidepressant, stimulating, antibacterial, and antiviral properties, and are a safe and inexpensive way to treat multiple health issues and diseases.

The particles in these oils come from extracting or distilling various plant parts, such as the peels, resin, bark, leaves, flowers, and roots. A drop of these oils has strong properties that improve health.

They are typically created through distillation, that separates the water-based ingredients and the oil of the plant by steaming, and thus preserving the most healing compounds of the plant. They are often called volatile aromatic oils due to the high concentration of aromatic compounds.

Latest studies have shown that essential oils are a possible cancer cure.

Namely, essential oils possess an ability to alter the frequency we resonate at. Research shows that we start to develop diseases as soon as we reach 58 MHz, and negative thoughts lower our frequency by 12 MHz. On the other hand, positive thinking elevates it by 10.

Therefore, it is perfectly clear that our thoughts are the main cause of everything, and we can use them to positively affect our health.

Bruce Tainio, a scientist involved in this study has developed a special Calibrated Frequency Monitor which estimates the effects of essential oils on us and found that they can repair the damage of the DNA in our cells, and reverse cancer.

Note that you should always use therapeutic grade essential oils.

These claims have been confirmed by numerous scientists, like R.O.Becker, in his book “The Body Electric”, claiming that the electronic frequency of our bodies determines our health, as well as Nikola Tesla, who claimed that one can resist ailments by removing outside frequencies.

Moreover,  Dr. Otto Warburg found the specific electrical voltage of our cells can lower due to various factors and trigger diseases like cancer. Scientists have found that higher frequency essential oils can fight diseases with lower frequencies.

This study involves 11 essential oils, as follows:

  • Peppermint – 78 MHz
  • Angelica – 85 MHz
  • Sandalwood – 96 MHz
  • Juniper – 98 MHz
  • Lavender – 118 MHz
  • Frankincense – 147 MHz
  • Helichrysum – 181 MHz
  • Rose – 320 MHz,

As well as savory, sage, and bitter and sweet fennel.

In the treatment of breast cancer, chamomile managed to kill 93% of the affected cells in vitro, and thyme even 97% of them. Jasmine and cinnamon were highly effective as well.

Dr. Suhail found that frankincense oil divides the nucleus of cancer cells from the cytoplasm and prevents its reproduction, as a result of the high content of monoterpenes which destroy cancer cells. Moreover, it is cytotoxic, so it does not affect the healthy cells, and works in all cancer stages.

Research has shown the following effects of the use of this essential oil:

--    The application of the oil under the tongue and topically on the liver area in a patient with end-stage liver cancer has reduced the tumor size and eventually made it operable.

--    The application of this oil topically on the body on every 3 hours helped a woman to cure her stage-4 lung cancer which has spread to other body organs in only 7 months

--    A patient fought cervical cancer in a few months with the help of this miraculous essential oil

--    Parents rubbed a mixture of frankincense and sandalwood oil on the wrists of a 5-year old girl  with brain cancer, and the cancer was completely gone after a few months

--    After applying the same mixture on the bladder area, a woman managed to fight her bladder cancer

--    The topical application of the mixture of frankincense and lemongrass oil, as well as under the tongue, defeated breast cancer in a few months

Furthermore, the journal BioMed Research International published a 2014 article which reported that essential oils can also lower the agony of cancer patients and thus improve the quality of their life:

 “ EOs-mediated therapy can be used in combination with cancer therapy to decrease the side effects of the drugs. Hence, EOs can be used for improving the health of the cancer patients and as a source of novel anticancer compounds….Use of the EOs as dietary supplements and coadministration with drugs can enhance the response to the treatment.”